What do British consumers expect from your business?

What do British consumers expect from your business? If you are hoping to start trading or operating your business for a British market, you’ll be in very good company. Thanks to Brexit, the exact position of the nation on the world stage may be set to change.  – the UK is set to leave the EU by a projected 2020 – But there is still plenty of opportunity for you and your company to reach out to British citizens. Let's be clear, Britain is still thirsty for trade. No matter what it is you specialise in nor who you’re aiming to reach, the British consumer is going to have some expectations of you. And it’s this that we are going to briefly discuss today!


The British consumer is, on average, heavily invested in technology and ease of use – and so should you be. This means that the way you sell and market your products, as well as the actual services you provide, need to minimise hassle and make use of some of the most amazing devices and software we have at our disposal. Consider marketing with a website that is geared towards mobile devices.  Approach social media platforms with care, and consider the position that current technology has in your industry and sales. British consumers are glued to their smartphones and obsessed with apps. Is there a way you could make these trends work to your benefit?

Approach and respond.

So, What do British consumers expect from your business? You should understand how to both approach your British audience and how to respond to concerns. The British consumer is very different to an American consumer. For example – pervasive advertising and informercial-style technique are fairly alien standards here, meaning that a simple, informal and maybe even personable approach is key. Show you care, with a touch of humour – but don’t go overboard. When resolving queries or making sales, don’t focus too much on being a business. Approach your British consumer as if you are doing them a favour, and as if you expect little in return. You will be surprised just how refreshing the British market will find this approach!

Cultural identity.

All in all, the UK is still home to a wide range of tastes and needs. But it’s important to remember that the country’s cultural identity and societal functions are vastly different to those of, say, middle Europe, the Far East, or even Australia. The British consumer is informal, unassuming, and loves gadgets. Use this knowledge to your advantage and you’re onto a winner.

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