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It is a simple and affordable procedure to form a private limited company in the United Kingdom, even if you are a non-UK resident.


Safe, protected and easy, trading through your limited company means that your personal assets are not in jeopardy at any time, as the liability is limed to the share value of your company. You won’t need to travel to the UK, talk to anyone on the phone or sign documents in person, meaning that you can set your limited company up from abroad in a matter of hours.

While the application process and legal requirements for setting up a limited company are the same for both UK and non-UK residents, the process can often seem a little more complicated and intimidating for non-UK based companies due to language barriers and lack of local knowledge, but thanks to our expertise and experience in this process, we can help to get you and your company up and running with all of the added benefits that come with having a limited company in the United Kingdom.

When you incorporate a Limited Company, you are required to supply an official registered office address in UK for correspondence with Companies House and HMRC.


An ideal package for non-UK residents


Company Formation Packages UK resident
From £ 23.00
Non UK resident
From £ 120.00
3 Hours Online Formation
Full trading Ltd company – Limited by shares
Digital documents via email
Registered Office Address
Secretary service

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