Hanzaltd– 30 FAQS

Hello! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. We have designed this section specially to answer the most common questions. We hope you find this section helpful, however, if you don't see the answers to your questions listed below, please feel free to contact us.

General FAQ’s

You can make a private limited company in the United Kingdom, even if you are a non-UK resident. You can operate a Britain company from anywhere in the world. Applications can be easily submitted online to register a UK company
A bank account for trading as a LTD company in Britain is not a legal compulsion, yet it is recommended because of so many finances and accounting benefits.
As an alternative, you can open a business bank account in your country of residence. You need to get your UK company formation documents legalised for overseas use.
A number of advantages associated with a LTD company make it a accepted business model for all kind of organizations. If you own a LTD company, you will not be personally liable for any business debts. You are at a minimum risk if you go with limited company.
There are several advantages of having a LTD company in Britain. It will minimize personal liability and boosts your professional status.
To form a private limited company in UK , there are some legal requirements. You need to register your company and require registered office address to make a limited company. Each of our packages includes a ‘secretary service’, which means we will help you in dealing with all the formalities.
Hanza will provide a registered office address, secretary service and a virtual office in the UK, which will help you to expand your business and services in Britain. You do not need a physical location to build a brand or contact new customers for your business.
You are just one click away. You are registered as soon as you click ‘submit’ on the registration form. Your submitted information will be checked and we are required to take a copy of your ID and proof of address. Mostly registration will be approved within 1 working day and you can start to use your new address once the approval is confirmed via email.

FAQ - Tax, Accounts and Invoice

Tax inspections are very rare in the UK in the initial period of company's operation, but it does not mean you can avoid obligations resulting from running a company. Even if your company achieves no profit in the initial phase of operation, you are still obliged to file a confirmation statement.
Annual confirmation statements are used to confirm key details about the internal structure of a limited company or LLP on a certain date. They must be filed at Companies House at least once every 12 months. Annual accounts show the financial performance and activity of a company over the course of the previous year.
A copy must be given to members, Companies House and HMRC. Both of these filing requirements are due once per year.
If you sell a product or provide any service, you need to prepare an invoice to send the client. The things to write on an invoice:
* Company’s contact information
* Invoice number
* Date of invoice
* Description of service or product
* Quantity of material
* Information of tax applied
* Payment options
You can choose to liquidate your limited company by applying to get the company struck off the Register of Companies. This process is usually easy if your company doesn’t have any debts.
No, you don’t have to close your company. Let the company become ‘dormant’. Dormant is a term that HMRC and Companies House use for a company or organisation that is not active, trading or carrying no business activity. Your dormant company will still be registered at Companies House. You must still send your annual accounts and confirmation statement to Companies House. You can keep a limited company dormant for as long as you want.

Faq - Payment and Plans

We only accept online payment upon registration on our website.
There are no long-term commitments. You have full control over simple month-to-month billing. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you like.
No! We believe in our product and up front about what we charge. Our pricing is as clear as we can make it and those items that are ‘Extra’ to our standard service are clearly labeled as such before you pay us.
You can choose to pay monthly via direct debit (via GoCardless) or easily pay annually (via Paypal) one off payment. For the international transfers we suggest that Paypal option works better since bank charge fees on international transfers.
If your forwarding address is outside of the UK, you will need to add additional funds to your account to cover international postage. We’ll email you with instructions once your order is complete.

Faq - Virtual Office

A virtual office blends home and work to gain efficiencies in both. A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, phones and internet access. For those who run home-based businesses, a virtual office alleviates privacy and personal security concerns. In addition to keeping your home address secure, if a potential client is searching your business online, seeing a downtown address looks a lot more professional than seeing a residential address for your business.
A virtual office in the UK will enable you to run your limited company or enterprise in UK without the need for a physical location or ties. It will provide commercial foundation in the UK without the need of physical offices.
Yes, the addresses we provide are registered, real, physical offices. As part of our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, Hanza can help in company formation with a virtual office solution in the UK.
No, you can’t. You don’t actually rent an office in UK. You will only receive mail with our forwarding services.

Phone answering FAQ

You can divert the calls by your own number to the phone number we provide you.
The number that we provide you with, can either be advertised as your own business number, or if you have a number at the moment then you can divert the calls to the number we provide you.
We can provide you with virtually any area code or national number. Additional charges may apply for 0207, 0208 & 0800 numbers. You can contact us to find out what is the best number for you.
Your calls will be answered Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00 excluding any bank holidays. Out with these hours we can set-up a voicemail on your line. Any message received will be passed onto you; this will cost only £5 per month. We can arrange for a professional voicemail to be recorded for your company for a one off charge of £40. Alternatively you can record your own voicemail greeting in mp3 format.
Your calls will be answered in your company name, by a small team of 3 staff allocated to your business, allowing your clients to build a rapport with the same friendly voices each time they call. If required we can also follow your script.
We normally take the caller’s name, who they are wishing to speak to, a telephone number, company name, and a brief message. If you need more information taken, then we would suggest you go onto our pay per minute planned charged at 79p per minute with a minimum £10 charge a month. We would recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements further
You will not be charged for any calls under 20 seconds, this should reduce those unwanted sales calls. However, if we have passed a message that is sales call, just let us know and we will get a refund sorted.
As standard we pass messages free of charge by email. Alternatively you can receive messages by text charged 10p each, or for calls to be transferred to you we would charge £5 a month and then 10p per minute from landlines and 24p per minute to mobiles.

You can contact us anytime by writing to us through the contact us page. We love to hear your suggestions, compliments, complaints, Comments or any other concerns.