Start-ups and SMEs have come a long way in recent years thanks to technological advancement.

We are now able to market to both customers and on a B2B basis through social media. We can store our important data through cloud storage and we can even access the information and tools we need from just about anywhere. It really is a freelancer’s world now. So why don’t more businesses think more like a freelancer, or take advantage of those who do?

Thanks to the internet – many of us are able to start work in one location and can pick up from another on the other side of the world. We are no longer tied to physical offices, paying physical staff, nor having to attend physical meetings. We can retrieve data from cloud storage, ensure our systems keep up to speed through off-shore servers, and can even employ contract freelancers to handle our affairs and tackle the nitty gritty one project at a time. The world is growing ever more flexible by the day. We think more British businesses need to take advantage.

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As part of our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, Hanza can provide your firm with a virtual office solution in the UK which will enable you to run your limited company or enterprise without the need for a physical location or ties – meaning that you can be flexible to run your day-to-day tasks and to build your brand with a new audience without the woes of having to stay in one place. If you need to be flexible for your business, why can’t your business be flexible for you? Contact us today for more information on how we can provide you with a solid commercial foundation in the UK without the trappings of physical offices and all the related paperwork!

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